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Pre-purchase, finance & insurance inspections, certifying, surveys and more
Services provided by Boat State and First Mate Townsville include:
Pre-purchase trailer boat inspection

A Pre-Purchase Boat Inspection expertly executed by Boat State First Mate will show you the quality and functionality of all parts of the boat you wish to purchase.

Our fully detailed and thorough inspection report will demonstrate if the boat is or is not compliant with safety marine standards and give you peace of mind to make the best decision.

At BSFM we strive to ensure your boat is in great condition and meets all of your boating requirements.

Our Pre Purchase Inspections include a full comprehensive vessel inspection that includes the boat, motor/s and trailer by our qualified Boat builder/shipwright and Marine Surveyor. We will include pictures on any areas of concern and professional advice on the vessel. A water test/ sea trial is also available upon request.

Finance or insurance inspections

A Boat Condition Report is the best way to ensure your boat is safe and compliant with safety rules and regulations before hitting the water.

Often boats are not used for lengthy periods and various safety, electrical & mechanical items can become a problem when you least expect, right before your next adventure.

Our inspections are carried by highly trained Marine Inspectors that follow strict marine procedures. This report is accepted by major insurers for policy renewal.

We provide surveys for Insurance or Finance companies which include inspections from our qualified Boat Builder and Marine surveyor and a full comprehensive and fully detailed report.

Re-certifying boat or engine

BSFM can re-certify your outboard or inboard engine and provide a re-rating statement for insurance purposes. We can also re-rate your hull to take a higher horsepower or carry more passengers. Our service to you also will include a new Australian Builders Plate and a letter for your insurance company to verify your boat meets the current Australian Standards and is structurally sound for the higher horsepower or capacity rating.

If your boat was built prior to September 2006 you may have already have an ABP, Builder’s plaque or label containing some or all of the following; maximum passenger load, maximum power rating and flotation standard.

If you modify the boat and information changes then you also need to have a new ABP fitted.

Pre-purchase moored boat surveys

A Prepurchase Survey is conducted when someone is contemplating buying a moored vessel. It is a very comprehensive “Condition and Valuation upon request” (C&V) survey that often includes operational testing of all systems and equipment, as well as a sea trial. The vessel is typically inspected both in and out of the water.

If your boat is moored at one of our marinas then a marine survey is helpful in determining what repairs or upgrades may be necessary to get a boat into safe operating condition.

Boat surveys help determine the actual value of a boat, since they can expose items in need of repair or replacement.

When BSFM conduct a moored boat survey it typically includes the structural integrity of the vessel, the engine, the onboard equipment including navigational, safety, radio, etc whilst examining on the vessel’s general condition and seaworthiness.

Vessel safety management system (SMS)

At BSFM our safety management system report (also referred to as an SMS) is a systematic approach to managing safety. By following all established policies, practices, protocols and procedures you ensure the safety of vessels and the people on board.

All domestic commercial vessels must have a safety management system (SMS). This system will demonstrate and document how your vessel meets the mandatory general safety duties.

At BSFM we will work with you to provide a full vessel Safety Management Systems (SMS) tailored to suit your business within the marine industry.

Our SMS systems meet all the required outcomes to meet AMSA policies and guidelines. Contact us for a personalised quote for your organisations requirements.

Temporary hiring: Master 5 and med 2 skippers

At BSFM we are qualified Master 5 (<24) and MED 2 skippers and are available for temp hire for any boat deliveries, sea tests, boat familiarizations, day trips or any other skippering needs.

Our team at BSFM are experienced in the operation of all vessels, engines and are physically healthy and fit. We possess a strong work ethic.

We are safety conscious, we adapt to varied situations, we have good communication skills, excellent customer service skills and provide a “can do” attitude.

Give us a call to discuss your own individual requirements and needs.

Boat Mate First State are at your service


What we do
We assist all trailer boat and moored boat owners or potential owners along with all finance and insurance companies, helping them to fully understand each moored or trailable vessel.
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Independent marine inspections greatly reduce the financial and safety risk to all boaters, insurance and finance companies providing unbiased information about the true condition of the vessel.
Detailed reports
Are designed to remove the guesswork associated with any moored or trailable boats when it comes to buying, selling, when financing or when you need insurance.
Townsville Yacht Club, Breakwater Marina, Townsville Slipways, Rosshaven Marine, Coral Sea Marina, Port of Airlie and all private marinas in Townsville, Airlie Beach and surrounding areas.
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